It’s time for our annual review of a brand-new online casino site, where we’ve had great success in the past. This time, we take a peek at the SCasino, which launched in 2017 and is primed to provide Canadian gamers with high-quality, low-cost amusement. The SCasino has a sterile air to it. Perhaps the fresh feeling is due to the red and white color scheme.

The casino’s designers appear to have put together a variety of concepts, some of which work well and others of which leave me scratching my head and wondering what the hell they were thinking. But sweat not, Canadian player, for this casino still features most of the things it should and what we all desire from a casino, including an attractive welcome package, games from a reputed provider, and reachable customer service.


Winnings and Gambling

Correct, then, to begin with the games. SCasino is backed by Playtech, a stable software provider that shows no signs of disappearing. In case you’re new here or haven’t heard, Playtech has been around for quite some time. It has traveled many miles and worked many hours, but it is still functioning. After launching in 1999, Playtech has exhaustively explored the online casino gaming market in an effort to extend its empire.


The effort has been successful. Playtech is a reputable casino software provider that offers fan favorites like online video slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and more. However, these are really superficial comforts. Playtech also creates social gaming products, poker, and sports betting sites, as well as mobile casino games and lottery games.


Playtech also provides live casino games in addition to its online sports betting software. The company asserts that it was one of the first to create a live casino game in 2003, long before the field became popular or lucrative. Playtech also offers binary trading choices, a distinct strategy when it comes to the stock exchange. SCasino relies on Playtech to power all of its casino games and payments.


Finance and Help

I’ve learned a thing or two from researching several online casinos. However, I must say that SCasino offers a wide variety of casino banking methods. Almost 30 was the rough count I came up with. There are nearly 30 ways to deposit or withdraw cash from a casino. Credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, vouchers, and direct bank transfers are all accepted, plus many others.


It’s good to know that at SCasino, you have a good opportunity of transacting more on your terms, even if this is aimed at a wider audience and Canadian players only have a small selection from which to choose.


Prizes, Extras, and Rewards

The variety and quality of the offerings here exceeded my expectations. There were two different welcome bonuses available at the time this review was written. The most popular type of bonus given out by casinos is a 100% match, and that was on the table. The other offered a payback of 20% on your initial deposits during the first week. Scasino seems eager to provide its customers with multiple options. From what I could tell, you could pick between a table bonus, cash back, a slot bonus, and free spins. There are sufficient incentives in place.

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