Most of you know that these games are somehow established to give casinos a certain long-term advantage. Otherwise, casino owners would be losing money by maintaining those games.

The casino advantage for each game is determined by the rules of the game and the payout percentage in case of a win sgd live casino

Even though long-term statistics work against you, it is very common to go to a casino, play, win, and fold with your winnings. In this case, the statistics do not have enough time to converge (appear). The result of your visit to the casino is then more determined by chance (or your luck, if you prefer). It is exactly this probability that helps lucky players win and beat the statistical advantage of the casino. To increase the odds of beating statistics, it is very important to know two basic characteristics of each game: the payout ratio and the variance.

Gambling and payout ratio (RTP: Return To Player)

The payout ratio (also known as payout percentage, RTP – return to player) of a game of chance is the long-term statistic of total money won divided by the total amount of money stacked. If the payout percentage is 95%, then the house edge is 100% – 95% = 5%.

Roulette payout ratio

The payout is two times the bet. The roulette payout percentage is then 2 * 18/37 = 0.973 = 97.3%. The house edge is then 100% – 97.3% = 2.7%. The Roulette game is established to have the same RTP for all types of bets (color, numbers, etc.).

RTP Blackjack

Since Blackjack rules may vary from casino to casino, it is expected that RTP may vary as well. But generally, a Blackjack game with basic strategies used gives an RTP of around 99.5%.This is taken advantage of by card counting players who estimate the current RTP of the Blackjack deck and try to bet high if the RTP is above 100%, to make a long-term profit. On the other hand, casinos also have ways of detecting such card counters and preventing them from winning.

The payout percentage of slot machines

The RTP of slot machines is usually between 92% and 97%. The payout percentage of slot machines is determined by the symbols on the virtual reels, by the payout table, and by other specific rules applied to each particular game.


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